Unimicron Technology

Chuan-Chuang currently focuses on entry-level and mid-range notebook PCBs and plans to enter the high-end automobile PCB market in the future.

Chuan-Chuang (transliterated from Chinese) Technology, a subsidiary of Unimicron Technology located in Hunan, China, plans to enter volume production of 6-8-layer notebook PCBs in April. Initial monthly capacity will be 600,000 square feet and the company expects to increase capacity to 1.2 million square feet in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Unimicron is a leading handset pcb-china maker in Taiwan which had formerly been involved in notebook pcb manufacture production. As handset industry has begun to weaken, Unimicron decided to invest in Chuan-Chuang in order to return to the notebook PCB market. Unimicron currently owns a 40% stake in Chuan-Chang.

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